ZD19: Michael Gähwiler from WIRD

ZD19: Gary Marsden and Pius Graf from THALES

ZD19: Angelo La Penna and René Taboada about IAM evolutions

ZD19: Presentation by Beate Fiedler

ZD19: Herve Liotaud and Michael Briand from SailPoint

ZD19: Opening by Mauro Verderosa

ZD19: Thank You!

ZD19: Ready to start!

ZD19: Launch

After the success of the last year we are ready to welcome more than 200 people that will join our conference!
With 17 different speakers we will go through :
- Cybersecurity Strategy Planning
- Cloud Security
- Identity and Access Management
- Network and Application Security

ZD18: Testimonials

ZD18: Launch by Hasinah Tabet

ZD18: Launch Mária Bicsi

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